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Create invoice online lets you quickly create invoices with our exclusive invoice template straight from your web browser. The invoices you make can be sent and paid online or downloaded with no signup necessary. Did we mention that Create online invoice is free and unlimited?

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Get instant insights to your finances
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In today’s extremely competitive market, small businesses and freelancers are required to establish an efficient way to create online invoices and also keep tracks of financial information of their companies. For most of the traditional business models, invoices are made at the end of each and every billing period. They were later printed, put in envelope and mailed to customer. Quite a few companies still work this way although it’s inefficient. There’s not only a lot of time wasted for it to reach the customer, but also it takes the customer time to process it and pay for it. Online or ‘e-voicing’ solves all the aforementioned problems along with a few others, makes the process fast and convenient to send and track them. Switching the business to online billing reduces the costs and also speeds up the payments. Here are a few ways in which it can benefit your business: SEND INVOICES IMMEDIATELY The faster invoices are sent, faster is the payment. Good software can help- 1. Direct invoicing – There’s no need to wait for accountants or bookkeepers to do the sending on your behalf. This thus reduces your overheads. 2. Scheduled invoicing – Software can be set up to send invoices automatically at specific times and dates. 3. Invoice anywhere & anytime – You can create invoices anywhere conveniently and there’s no need to stay at office. ENHANCED INVOICE TRACKING Traditionally you need to wait until due date and check your accounts to get updates for payment. However, e-voicing gives following benefits- 1. Views Payment Status – You can know which invoice is being paid, along with the ones that are due or past due. 2. Create reminders – You can add reminders and notes for every client and invoice. 3. Obtain insight by running reports – By running ageing reports, you can know which clients are poor payers and can adjust accordingly. 4. Make better audit trail – Good invoicing software help you keep track of each transaction and detailed audit trail. GET PAID FASTER The main aim for invoicing online is reducing time between receiving and sending invoice and also obtains payment. 1. Same day delivery – Software provide you ability to get automatic updates when bill is opened by customer. 2. Better security – It uses same encryption methods as used by banks. They are therefore safe and secure.

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